My mom, My world, My everyday

Hey beautiful people. With Mother's day going by and approaching in certain countries, I thought of sharing my thoughts about our mamas with you. Check it out. xx


We are back

Hellllo guys, Asalamualaikum, WE ARE BACK!!!! How are you all doing? Soo sorry guys for we've been gone for soo long, OMG almost one year. We actually needed some time off blogging and stuffs tho we love it. We've been both busy with stuffs including family stuffs. As am sure most of you know we,... Continue Reading →

Family: a boon or a bane?

Hey guys. Welcome back to our blog. If you ain't following us, make sure to hit that follow button and join the family. You'll then be notice each time we upload which is every week on the weekend. Enough of blabbering and let's get started with today's topic. FAMILY. How many of you lives in... Continue Reading →

Valuing relationships

Throughout our life we make various types of relationships. Certain stick to us while other we lost at them. How to make our relationship worthy and sticking?
Well, Amiah & Saaima take you on how they manage to stick to their friendship.
Check out 'valuing Relationships' for more.

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