My mom, My world, My everyday

Mother, mom, mum, mommy, mummy, mama, ummi, omma. So How do you call you Mom?


Let’s think, is the word mom, one of the words used the most? By you in your entire lifetime? In the whole world on a daily basis?

Well it is for me. The first thing I look for or call in the situations listed below is my mom!

  • When I wake up
  • When I just got home
  • When something good or bad happens to me.
  • When I need to plan something
  • When I need some advice
  • When am hungry
  • and the list goes on and on.

Unknowingly we depend much on our mom, we need her be it near or far.

Being a shift worker that is I work night shifts as well, I can tell you that a mother plays a really important role in our life. When am dinning at work, yes there are my collegues but nothing is the same as when your home and your mom is here to dish you!

The presence of a mother in our life, in our home changes everything. 54d0bcc951811918726438ca8b3b9f2a



Mothers, the human being who carried you in her body for whole 9 months, make sure she’s eating healthily, some even sacrifice their jobs, career for you.

Mothers, the human being who endured so much pain to bring you to this world in one whole piece and in good health, being in the medical sector, I’ve seen women giving birth and how anxious they are when it come to giving birth to their child, how much pain they endured to bring you here along side with her.

Mothers, the human being who holds you close to their hearts no matter how much you hurt her, how much you made her cry, how much you break her heart, when you didn’t came up to her expectations, no matter what you do to her, that human being keeps you close to her heart and is always praying for you, always worried about you, making her best to give you the best of best of this world.

Mother, the Human Being who will walk through thick and thin to give you the best.

Do you think it’s justified to celebrate our Mothers only one day? Only on Mother’s day that we’ll pamper her, visit her, love her, talk to see etc etc?

What about all the 365 days? We forget that we have a mum because we’re busy with our own life?

Guys, Mothers are human beings that are meant to be love throughout the year, pamper her, pray for her and give her the best of what you can. 61b49e9f7e991fd46e4d406aecbfbba4

Surely we ain’t perfect, we make mistakes, we fight with her etc etc, but never ever break ties with you mum! There’s something called forgiveness, make use of that. Mothers always forgive, even before you ask her for forgiveness she already did so, but still approach her and talk to her.

Since we are in the blessed month of Ramadan, let us make a special prayer for our mothers.

Ya Allah, bless our Mothers with the very best in this world and the other.5e90ec42e37c2a739d144c4896756b31

Ya Allah, forgive our Mothers

Ya Allah, have piety upon our Mothers

Ya Allah, bless our mother with good health

Ya Allah, make us a better daughter/son for our Mothers

Ya Allah, guide our Mothers on the straight path

Ya Allah, don’t let our hearts turn against our Mothers

Don’t forget your mother in your duas, that the best gift one can ever give to his mother.

To conclude I would like to post this little note for my mom. 09f482b0cbb7054e603edf098e661f05

Mom I love you and need you with me in every step of my life. Forgive me for all the times I hurt you, I made you cry, I disobey you, I took you for granted.

I strongly heart you mama.





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