The Body Scrub My Skin Loves

Hello Beautiful people, hope you’re doing great and having a great Sunday and Muslims around the world are ready for to welcome the blessed month, The Ramadan.

Check our our Ramadan blog post if you haven’t. 

img_5237For today I thought of writing about a body scrub I’ve been using  and am totally in love with. Since we’re stepping into Winter, my favourite season, in Mauritius, many of you will be struggling with dry skin, I have dry skin as well during Winter and I hate it.

Dry skin seriously ain’t good looking and it’s irritating and annoying, so to prevent this from happening I thought of sharing with you my hack how to avoid this skin issue besides staying hydrated.


Tadaaa I bring to you the Bomb Body Scrub which am super duper in love with.

It’s a cranberry and lime Oil based body Scrub and the name says it all, it’s bomb!

Why I do I soo love this, well simply because,


# Smells sooo goood, I die.

The fragrance of this body scrub is really nice guys and it’s long lasting, my clothes leggit smells the scrub as well. Sorry but it smell so sweet that I feel like eating myself. *No Nasty Comments please*. While using it, the whole house would be smelling of that perfume. Heavenly. 

# Rich in oil 

As mentioned above, it’s an oil based Scrub and it’s life saviour. Moisturising much and restore your skin lost moisture. My skin feels so lively and moist, gentle to touch. And that oil in there is Almond one. 

#Lightly grained

Exfoliate, exfoliator. Yes honeys, well being a scrub it has to exfoliate your skin as well. Get rid of that dead, dirty skin by using a scrub. This lightly grained one is perfect for your body, not to over-exfoliate but just the right amount to make your skin fresh.


Yes babes, it won’t cause you any bankruptcy. It’s affordable and can squeeze there in your purse. I would say the price for it is too nice, for the quantity and quality, it’s perfect.

I’ve been using it for 2 months now, 2 -3 times a week and it does miracle to my skin.

I use a spoon to stir it well, to mix the oil, then using the spoon itself I would take the amount needed and apply to my body in circular motion then wash.

Introduce this Bomb body Scrub to your bath beauties, you won’t regret it. Give it a try and let me know.

I bought it at Phydra, Happy World House, Port-Louis. You can grab yours at any Phydra.

Please note that it’s not a sponsored post and it’s all of my personal reviews.

To this brings an end to today post, have a week week ahead and I wish all Muslims a Ramadan Mubarak.

Salam Girls, xx


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