Our Ramadan

Asalamualaikum beauties, hope you’re all doing great and are ready to welcome our Sacred Month Ramadan.

The blessed month, the gift to mankind, the peaceful month, the ‘Not even water’ season, our Ramadaan will finally be here. Can you guys feel the vibe, img_4790that excitement, the peacefulness, some people change in behaviour, people talking about Ramadan be it the month itself, the fast, the swalaat, the ibaadat, the food, the preparation or even the Eid?

My whole body shivers when I hear about Ramadan, when relatives, people in general wishes me ‘Ramadan Mubarak’ or talking about that one of a kind month.

Be it muslims or non muslims, the population in general is aware of that month. Wooow, what a feeling.

Yes am excited for Ramadan and will surely In Shaa Allah make the most of this month, May this month cleanse our sins and Allah accept our fast, actions and duas.
And to accomplishes them all, I’ve even made some special preparations for this month. And do note that Ramadan is a chance to reform us in case we have any short comings. So let’s make upmost use of this month.


Tho we are how many days for Ramadan, 2-3 day? Never mind, I’ll still share the tips with you all, cause you know I love my readers and want you all to be able to make it, this month, feel like Yes I grab all the benefit of this month.

So guys, keep on reading to catch the tips, they are simple, easy but worth it tips!

When we talk of Ramadan, we have the tendency to think about food first, the not eating from suhoor till iftaar, that is from pre dawn till sunset, hard isn’t it?

Well well well Alhamdulilah it’s not at all, Allah make it easy and give us strength.

While talking about food let’s hop to that preparation.

Preparation No 1

Food shopping

Most of you must be thinking about dates.. no no no that’s not what am taking about. Rather my Food Preps.

So yes my food preps is that I should have a food spree and by that I mean things that can be eaten for suhoor for no matter how foodie I am, waking up at 4 Am to grab a meal is impossible for me so how will do I eat to be able to fast all throughout the day?

img_6227Cereals, cereals do the job guys. So I shop for my cereals, biscuits, yogurt and fruits among other things eatable at 4 a.m. DM on my instagram page for things that you eat for suhoor.

Iftaar, what comes to your mind when iftaar is mentioned, those pastries, samoussas etc, well what comes to mine is  just whatever my mum felt like cooking. We’ve decided to cut down on iftaari pastries and would be breaking our fast with dates and water, juice, tea, coffee or Alouda. No more them pastries because lately some of my family members had some health issues and we’ve come to this resolution.

So get you food stock ready, prepare your iftaar pastries etc so that you won’t be tired during Ramadan and will have time to make use of that blessed month.

I have this food shopping pre – ramadan because well while fasting I won’t be going for food shopping because firstly I’ll lose my time, secondly it’s tiring and thirdly being a foodie I’ll get hungry!

So happy Food shopping peeps!

Preparation NO 2

The Notebook, Ramadan Notebook.

img_4797How sad and regretful would it be that Ramadan ended and you didn’t make the most of it. This Ramadan I’ve set goals for myself and to help me achieve the goals, I bought a notebook, the Ramadan Notebook.

Duas, things I need to do, Qur’an reading, swalaat, helping the poor, etc. I’ve jot all of the down in my notebook so that nothing slips my mind and after those 30 days I feel yes I had a satisfying Ramadan.

Specially for duas, be it for me, personal, family, relatives, friends, work, for the public in general I noted it all down my Ramadan notebook so that I can grab it, cross check my dua list and get it done.

On this note, May Allah accepts our duas. Ameen.

Preparation No 3 

Time Management/ Time saving

31a410ed9c682388a2718a8dfe3924bdBy this I mean try to complete all works you got to, any shopping, any assignments, any house cleaning just anything that will consume your time during Ramadan.

Make good use if your time guys. Lost time don’t come back.

Complete all the things you can so that you’re free during Ramadan.

Preparation No 4

Mental. Psychological. Physical.

Set yourself in the mood for Ramadan. I had to do it.

img_4806I cut down on the number of movies/episodes/drama I would watch, listening to songs also try to cut down on food intake and they way of dressing.

While for other it could be for e.g for boy ‘Smoking’. Number of hours we spend on the internet, our phones etc. We should cut down on them so that we’re in the trend for Ramadan and thus will be ready for it.

We may also fast a couple of days to get yourself into the habit.

We can increase our Swalaat, do more sunnat and nafils as well as increase our Qur’an Recitation.

For this part I hope that after Ramadan we stick to it. I strongly wish that I myself will stick to the changes that I brought to myself during this blessed month all throughout the year. May Allah help us with out struggles. Ameen.

Last but not least, have some rest.

May Allah bless us throughout this month.

May we make the most of this  month.

May we all feel the peace of this month.

May Allah accepts our fast, swalaat and every effort we do during this month.

May Allah accept our duas.img_4793


Wish You ALL A Ramadan Mubarak. Let’s  welcome our Month.

Until then, xx








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