We are back

Hellllo guys, Asalamualaikum,

How are you all doing? Soo sorry guys for we’ve been gone for soo long. We actually needed some time off blogging and stuffs tho we love it. We’ve been both busy with stuffs including family stuffs. As am sure most of you know well that post Eid celebration, there’s lots of weddings and that one of the major thing that took most of our time besides having to spend some family time as well as working on ourselves.

Hope you guys get us and what we mean.

cdd74a3e703c3c33f1c4e78348b7c690 (1)

Anyway guys, what’s up? How’s the year so far? OMG we are already in AUGUST. Time’s been rushing around. We are soon at the end of the Islamic calender and soon after shall this year ends as well. Incredible.

Anyway we hope to be able to achieve new heights this month In Shaa Allah.


Keep shining beauties and we shall be back soon with a bomb post. Stay tuned.

Till then





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