Virtues of Fasting

Hello world and Assalamu Alaikum, welcome back to Ramadan’s Special edition.


Since we are already in the middle of the month, I hope that this information come helpful to you, acting as a reminder or bringing to you some piece of information.

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We are already reaching the end of Ramadan, , incredible how this month’s been rushing. Hope you are all making the most of this month and enjoying this peaceful month.

As left to ponder on our last edition Benefits of Fasting today we shall view together some virtues of fasting.


First and foremost, when we fast in Ramadan, it is to gain taqwa. That is to bring ourselves closer to Allah and have faith in him. Taqwa means to have the consciousness of Allah.

Taqwa is not sold at the market nor is it gained in the mall. It must be developed. At the time of Rasulullah (saw), He and the Sahabah(ra) remained constantly in swalaat to attain closeness to Allah.

Hazrat Aisha narrated, the Messenger of Allah used to continue practicing tahajjud prayer at nights for a very long time until his blessed feet swelled up. His reverend wife, impressed by this situation, asked: “O the Messenger of Allah, although your sins committed and to be committed have been already forgiven, why are you still doing like this?”

He replied to this: “O Aisha, shall I not be a very thankful servant to my Lord?”

(Bukhari, Tahajjud, 6).

This hadith shows that even though the Prophet Muhammad (saw)was pure of sins, he feared Allah. Even at the expense of his hiealth, he did not hesitate to remain in prayer.

Was he asking for his health, wealth or his deen?

No, he was praying for us, for his people, for the Ummah to come, for the persons he did not even see.

It is up to us now to pray for ourselves so that we can embrace the Holy Prophet on the Day of Qiyamah heartily. It is important for us to gain Taqwa, practice the deen as it is supposed to be.


Why do we say that it is best to gain the highest level of Taqwa in Ramadhan?

When people are fasting, they avoid major sins and abdicates from doing minor sins. It is the month to better ourselves, perfecting our salaah indirectly attaining taqwa. Since we are up at the time of Sehri, most of us try and make it a must to pray Qiyam ul layl also known as Tahadjoud. It is a month where duahs are accepted anytime. As we are also curbing most of our desire; desire for food, sexual desire or even smoking, it is easier to be conscious of Allah. We thank him for each morsel we eat, for every sip we drink or for every breath we intake.

Another virtue of fasting is mentioned by Allah Himself:

The Prophet said that your Lord said, “Every (sinful) deed can be expiated; and the fast is for Me, so I will give the reward for it; and the smell which comes out of the mouth of a fasting person, is better in Allah’s Sight than the smell of musk.”


And on this note we end today’s edition. Do think and ponder about the virtues of fasting. Surely we came up with only few ones, however there are way much virtues which In shaa Allah one day we shall get the opportunity to discuss.

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