Benefits of Fasting

Hey hoomans, Asalamualaikum, hope you are all having a great and smooth Ramadan.

We are already in the second week of Ramadan guys, time is flying! Hope you are making the most of this blessed month.

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Without further blabbering, let’s step into today’s topic: Fasting.

Yes, as most of you must be knowing, the Muslim community fasts during the holy month of Ramadan. That is no eating and drinking , from sunrise till sunset, which is known as suhoor/sehri and iftaar. This includes abstaining from sins too.

This lapse of time varies from country to country. How many hours are you fasting? Let us know in the comment on our instagram page.


For today we would like to address some benefits of fasting:

  • Reduces insulin levels lower blood sugar

With the drastic rise in Diabetes and complication associated, fasting helps in a way to regulate that insulin. As we all know, prevention is better than cure. Let us fast while our body takes a break and regulate that nasty insulin.

  • Cellular detoxification

Fasting helps to detoxifies that body. Many of us nowadays are striving with detox water detox medications among other, why not let our body do the job naturally. Take a break from eating and drinking and let our body detoxifies those cells.

  • Weight loss

Ahaan, this is what most of us try to benefit from fasting. For sure we would be losing those nasty kilos we don’t want for we ain’t drinking and eating whole day. Just imagine you are cutting the lunch, the time you have your snack at 10 and some people have a habit of drinking tea with some biscuits at 3 in the afternoon. This also means less oily food at the time of Iftaar. InshaAllah you will notice a change in yourself.

  • Help to beat addictions

Yup, we all have cravings from time to time, fasting is a way to calm those especially since you will have to wait till Iftar time to give in to your cravings, am sure it would have gone by at that time.

Other benefits among many others are listed:

  • Reduced cancer risk
  • Lower inflammation, fewer pains
  • Better heart health
  • Enhanced brain function
  • Reduced alzheimer’s risk
  • Better sleep
  • Give the digestive system a break
  • Reduce hunger levels
  • Whitens the eyes and clears the complexion
  • Increase in your steadfastness

Like that, fasting got many benefits, however it will only work if we are doing it the right way that is; eating good and healthy food for suhoor and iftaar followed by dinner.

We tend to eat in such as way that we can barely breathe which is wrong, we need to eat healthy foods which will help you carrythroughout the day and that doesn’t mean grabbing all sort of stuffs specially at suhoor time. Water, drink lots of water which will help you stay hydrated.

Furthermore at iftaar time, which is followed by dinner, we should not grab a plate full of cakes specially oily cakes which is the tradition in many countries. Why not grab a large glass of water and some dates? Soon you will be taking your dinner which of course should be a consistent one.

Besides the health benefits of fasting, it also got lots of values, however most of us only think of fasting as a no drinking and no eating phase.

Well people, think about it… what’s the real purpose of not drinking and eating throughout the day? Why were we ordered to observe the fast during a whole month?

Well, well, well, think about it and stay tune for our next episode in which we shall discuss that In Shaa Allah.


On an ending note, I would like you to ponder upon something:


Ramadan brings us to think a lot, try to sit down and think about it, what we are ordered to do and what we are ordered to abstain? Why are we ordered to fast, how does it benefits us? One thing is for sure, everyone loves food or loves eating, so how is it easy for us to observe fast? If it is that easy, won’t it be easier to quit things that are haraam?

Since we are at the end of todays’s topic, we wish you all a great Ramadan ahead, make the most of it.

May Allah accepts our sacrifices and duas.

P.S people: In case you want us to make any specific dua for you, don’t hesitate to DM us or leave us a comment on our instagram page.

Take care till then.

Fighting xx

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