Get to know Ramadan!

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As am sure most of you must be knowing that the blessed month of the muslim community is approaching, and yes it’s the Famous, most awaited month among Muslims, Our Ramadhan, and to make it even more special we decided to bring you with us exploring the blessed month.

Muslims around the world are preparing for the arrival of this great month. May Allah help us reach and complete this bless month.

However before Ramadhan is the month of Shabaan. Many muslim start training for the blessed month to come, that is they start fasting specially if they have miss some fast in the past.

Food preparation is done as well. Many mothers and daughters would be seen preparing and stocking meals, cakes among other which would be used during Ramadhan. So that during Ramadhan one would have ample time to dedicate to worship, prayer, duas, tasbeeh, reading of the holy qur’an and to complete the lecture, also for itekaaf.

Others start the preparation of Eid as well specially shopping, be it clothing, house related things, gifts among others.

Yet an important preparation that we lacks is the preparation of oneself. That is we prepare our mind, body and soul. Clean our heart, make sure we ain’t having any grudges against anyone, we have been forgiven.

Comment down below what comes to your mind when you think of Ramadhan.


To many of us, Ramadhan is known as the ‘Fasting Month’. Besides being the ‘Fasting Month” these Four Weeks holds much more importance.

Well, first and foremost ,we’ve prepared a small lexicon for all of you who seem lost and are still supporting us. Guys, your support mean much to us.

Our lexicon contain words that we’ll be using in today’s edition and editions to come. Certainly it’ll make you understand the blog post better.

Eid Ul Fitr:

Annual Celebration for the Muslims. Celebrated on the 1st day of Shawwal, the 10th month of the Muslim calendar right after the Month of Ramadhan.

Official Public holiday here in Mauritius. It marks the ends of the month of fasting and muslims who made their most during Ramadhan.


Fasting for the muslims is: No eating and drinking, abstain from certain actions, for e.g sexual intercourse, speaking badly, watching television, listening to music among other.

No eating and drinking from Sehri till Iftaar.


The act of worshipping the sole creator.

Ways to do Ibaadah: Praying, supplicating, tasbeeh.


Breaking of the whole day fast. Can resume eating and drinking normally.

After the sun sets that is at Magrib prayer time (5th Prayer of the day for a muslim)


A period of time which consist of staying away from wordly affairs and staying in a mosque or in a corner of the house for a certain days. Ibaadah and dhikr is done. Prayer, lecture of the qur’an, duas among others are done.


It is an Arabic word used to refer to humility or humbleness while offering our daily prayer.


It is an Arabic word meaning permissible.


Sinful actions that is forbidden.

Laylatul Jazaa:

It is the night preceding Eid or the night of Eid that Muslims pray to earn rewards from Allah. It is Mustahab (Good to do) to worship on this night for there are rewards on this special night. It is common knowledge in Mauritius that on this night we apply henna on our hands or bake various cakes for the day to come but you must spend it wisely for there are many rewards to be earned.

Laylatul Qadr:

One of the odd nights among the last 10 days of Ramadhana. On that night, blessings and mercy of Allah are abundant, sins are forgiven and supplications are accepted. It is said that this sole night alone is better than 1000 nights also a night which marks important event of the muslim community.


Holy, sacred book for the muslim. Book that consist of words of Allah, book of guidance where Allah is addressing to us.


9th month of the muslim calendar muslims fast. Blessed month and month which consist lots of important events for the muslim communities.


The time to eat a meal preferably a light one just before Fajr prayer with the intention of fasting all day. A date is recommended to be taken.


Swalaat done just before Fajr Prayer, just before the time of sehri comes to an end. May be done all year around. Composed of 2 Rakaats swalaat. Swalaat and duas is to be done.


A set of 20 Rakats of Swalaat done after the Esha prayer during the month of Ramadhan. Some try to complete the lecture of the Holy qur’an within the one month while doing the taraweeh.


Words used to praise Allah and glorify him. Tasbeeh is a form of zikr.


Forgiveness, repentance , turn to Allah and ask him for forgiveness for he is the Most-forgiving.


Remembrance of Allah


To this lexicon comes an end of today’s edition. Stay tuned for updates on this lexicon and our coming edition which will be this week itself. Don’t forget to let us know what you think, what you want to hear from us among other on our Sarahah account above.

Furthermore we wish you all a great preparation of the blessed month. May you carry out the preparation wisely.

Shall see you soon.

Fighting Muslims.


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