Being a Niqabi in the Mauritian society

Hello beauties, Asalamualaikum everybody. Welcome back to our blog. Hope you are doing great and ready to explore our today’s post.

Today’s edition is about veiled ladies in Islam. Ladies wearing niqab in our society.



What is a niqab?

A niqab is a piece of cloth worn by muslim ladies in sign of preserving their beauty and observing Allah’s recommendation. It is worn in presence of non-mahram, that is non-related men.

It is to be noted that it is not obligatory yet it is sunnah to do so. The topic NIQAB in itself is a subject that got lots of controversies.



To be noted that when one wears niqab, there are certain rules and regulations that she must abide to.

Wearing niqab is not to be taken lightly. For I believe if you are doing something you gotta do it well and with love. Wearing niqab picture a symbol of Islam in the society.

Down below are some points that according to me are important to be followed and abide to if you are a niqaabi:

  1. Dress code: Jilbab or even a long dress fit well. Not that you wear a short dress and jeans of leggings then put on a parda. It’s totally ironic.
  2. Not to gather yourself in crowds where there are lots of men (non-mahrams)
  3. If you wear parda, you got to wear it everywhere required to. That is when there’s presence of non-mahraams.
  4. When it comes to speaking, she should try to lower her voice. Also laughing out loud is not recommended at all.
  5. Should be firm on her decision. That is the day she starts, she should not waver her decision, wearing it today and then decides to kick it off  the next day.


The society surely will be judging someone wearing parda or even make ideas about the latter, down below I tried to bring out some of the ideas that will be made:

  1. She is highly religious. You are either religious or not. What i mean is people try to judge you basing on the niqab, whether you are practicing your religion.
  2. Some strangers will try to make fun of the niqab. They screamed out salutation without realising that they are actually disrespecting the salutation for one is not forced to reply to it being a stranger (non-Mahram)
  3. ‘Oh a Niqabi’, ‘Oh an extremist’, ‘Oh a Ninja’ among others would be heard as you pass by some people. Please, Niqabi ain’t aliens, monster and all that shit. They are just normal people honouring their religion.


So let’s join hands and respect each other therefore making this world a better one.

Taking about hijab and niqab reminds of an interesting experience that a close sister went through and once relate it to me.

From that experience, lesson are to be taken and in depth reflection.

Carry on reading to get to know about the experience.



She is someone who recently started wearing the niqab and thus was talking to us about what she thinks of it, how other sees her as from now.

Her talking begin as such:

“When I started wearing niqab, it felt as if a challenge was brought to me.At first, I felt that my relatives were drifting apart. I thought that my relatives would support me in my decision but it was not the case. They did not wish to speak keeping the distance between us. Sometimes they greet me or tries little talk but just because they were curious. They wanted to know whether it was because of my father that I started covering completely. In fact I was quite troubled as I never thought that it would be difficult to make people understand that it was a personal decision. I agree that my father was religious but that was not a decision to force upon someone. People thought my father was pressurizing me when it was not true. To them, me wearing the veil seems that I do not have a bright future. It was true that I would not be able to have a place of work in the government. For me it was not a problem for I was not ready for the working life, its not handed on a silver plate. You must work your way to achieve success.”


We got to salute her for that step she made and surely Allah will be rewarding her for that. The patience, the love, the struggles she’s been through surely only help in raising her statue in the eyes of our Almighty, Allah.

We can say that it’s a choice you made not a decision to be forced upon you. A decision that need to be respected and we have yet to see it in Mauritius. A decision not made by others for you to wear, it is because you want it, you feel ready to wear it and because deep down you know that you are doing for Allah and not for others.



Wearing hijab is a personal and independent decision that comes from a sincere yearning to please God while appreciating the wisdom underlying His command. Many people mistakenly believe that women are forced to wear the hijab. This concept is not based on Islamic teachings as God says in the Quran, Let there be no compulsion in religion” (2:256). Likewise, Prophet Muhammad (saw)never forced religion upon anyone. If a woman is being forced to cover, it is contrary to this clear Islamic principle and might be due to cultural or social pressure. According to Islam, a woman wilfully chooses to commit to this act of worship.



On that note, we salute all those struggling with their niqab around the world yet are striving on the right path.

May Allah guide us all, forgive us all and protect us all.



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xx beauties.


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