Late night drives

Hey guys… Welcome back to our blog.

It’s Amiah & Saaima and we’re ready for a new adventure… I mean a new blog post.

Hope you are doing great and had a great week and is having an even better weekend.

For today’s post I thought why not share one of my favourite things ‘Family wise’ with you. So for today it’s Saaima and am sharing one of my way of easing stress and relax.

So yeah guys, as you can see in the title, it’s late night drives


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Let’s get started with the adventure.

Today’s world is stressing and we all need to find our ways to distress. While some prefers shopping, movie or eating, my kind of distress is ‘Late Night Drives’.

What’s your therapy to stress? Let us know on our Instagram page or in the comments down below or even hit us a mail. Would love to hear from you.

Late night drives. It got different meaning and different type all depend of the person.

Well here is how mine is:


Those types of drives, where you’ll leave the house after Magrib (Muslim’s 4th Prayer for the day) and dinner, basically it’ll already be dark here in Mauritius by this time. My complete family would be so excited to go. Including my moochy smootchy Po. My Grandma.

Best part is that you ain’t need to dress up. Dressing is hectic guys, believe me. Finding the appropriate clothes, then it’s accessories and then make up part. It’s just too much. Okay, yes am lazy. Amiah can relate you about that. She got experience when it comes to how lazy I am.

So let’s get back to our topic, yeah NO NEED TO DRESS UP, yupee, in pyj’s jump into the car and let’s ride it.

With no definite destination, at some speed you can’t ride during the day because of the heavy traffic, let’s hit the accelerator and get going.

Usually we would stop by a local shop and grab some snacks and drinks, or even a Supermarket and I would usually accompany my dad, in Pyj’s but who cares as long as you are comfortable.

Cosily sitting in the backseat while my dad will be doing the driving process. With some light music we shall watch out the nightly scene on our pathway and relax while snacking.

With some chit chats and my siblings at time idiotic questions, we would laugh and have so much fun.

And that’s how I discover my Mauritius Island and it’s perks. Some days we will be driving the coastal regions while other days villages and others.

This past week, we been to the forestry side of Mauritius. Guys, driving through those trees with no lighting except the headlights of the car, no other vehicles passing by and the trees laying the pathway makes me happy.

With the side windows lowered you’ll smell the nature. Greenery can be smelled, flowers… just everything about the nature. And that feeling is just relaxing.


Moving, we would come by some rivers and with the help of our mobile phones torch and the headlights of our car, we would stop by and take a peek at the rivers.

And since there’s no light as mentioned above, the streets would be a little difficult to focus and we would be driving at a speed not too excessive yet a nice speed which would be giving you some adrenaline rush.  a point where you are at a higher level and could see Mauritius at large. Those lightnings are beautiful. Symmetrical, parallel, orderly, whatever it’s called, it’s just so beautiful and serene.

And I fell in love with the nature that I’ve already been to this type of drive twice in one week.

Then would come an end to our ‘little nightly outing’. On our way back home we would pass by the famous ‘La rue Deforges’ to grab some bread and ‘Gato piment’ while some will chose ‘Crepes’ or even ‘Ice cream’.

Once home, my grandma would be preparing some hot tea while each one of us would grab our ‘Dipain, gato piment’- typical food of Mauritians.

And that’s how I distress myself surrounded by my cosy family. Following a good tight sleep, i’ll be refresh for another day.

Refreshing yourself is so badly required to be able to move on and carry on with the hectic lifestyle.

To this comes an end to today’s post. Hope you’ve enjoy it and will be trying out the ‘Late night drive’. Do let me know what you think and if you got any other type to distress then hit me up.

Till then take care and enjoy your weekend lovelies.




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