Family: a boon or a bane?

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Enough of blabbering and let’s get started with today’s topic. FAMILY.

How many of you lives in a family? Well, we got lots of type of family structure.

Continue reading to find out what family mean to us.


When you think of the word family, what comes to mind?

To me, it’s just a couple of individuals joined under the same roof.

Individuals with the same level of respect, duty and responsibility towards each other, bonded by blood.

It could also be a bunch of people who hate each other and eat dinner together, under the same roof.

Family Concept:

The first thing you learn in school is the concept of family. The family tree for example, the mother, the father, the siblings’ place in the family tree.

The original picture of the family concept has been changing over the past several generations. From extended family to a nuclear one to somehow different types of families. Today some people have chosen not to marry, some have chosen not to have children while others have chosen same gender relationships or single parent.


Coming back to the extended one, I think Saaima is kind of lucky to have her grandparents living with her. To have someone other than your parents to care for you.

Am not saying I did not have loving parents, in fact quite the contrary, Alhamdulillah really understanding and open-minded but you would want someone to take your side especially when you are disputing with your parents. This is one of the many benefits of having an extended family.


Oh, here is one difference between Saaima and me, the fact that she lived in an extended family and I in a nuclear family.

Family values

These defines how you want to live a family life and they are usually passed from generations to generations. They varies from family to family somehow quite similar: from moral to religious values. Here are some examples of values that one acquire when living in a family:

Being generous with what you have
Being honest with others
Participating in teamwork whenever possible
Showing compassion to those in need
Treating others as one would like to be treated, respecting
Always doing your best work
Working in a team
Being honest and trustworthy
Being courageous
Being patient

Importance of a family:

They act as your support when you are at the weakest.

They love you however you are.

They are the the security that you return to; going home always feels like haven to you.

I know for a fact that there is so much to the importance of a family but I feel like it would be way too long.

You may not agree with me but it is not necessarily a model family, all that truly matters is that people who consider each other to be family love each other and take care of each other.

For those parents out there who feel a little lost in this world of technology or feels that they do not belong in this world, here are some pieces of advice:

We do not wake up with a united and supportive family if we have never invested in a family spirit.

The family is like modelling clay. You can carve it and give it the look that suits you. as the artist, once realised your work no longer belongs to you but will continue to exist elsewhere and without you.
Feed yourself from this new generation of children who has so much information to give.

A generation of images and technology that propels you into the future.

Let yourself be led to this passionate twenty first century and hold your child’s hand, always and all the time.

Do not let others think that you cannot keep with the fast pace of this life.

There is no perfect family; every family has its ups and downs. You just have to adjust to the time and its generation.

Real family is a bondage that cannot be broken by any means. And to add to this, here’s to you Saaima, no matter what, know that I’am always there for you.

And Amiah meets Saaima brought up another family bonding.

And on this note, family is a boon for sure to us. What about you guys? Let us know on our Instagram , facebook or in the comments down below.

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Fighting Saaima!


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