Being yourself does not kill

Be original. Ever heard of that Two Words statement?

We guess yes. You must have heard, came across it, read it somewhere or even said it to yourself.

So today, we bring you to our perspective of ‘being original’

First and foremost let’s admit that fact: Being original is not that easy.

According to Amiah and I, we, people are afraid of being judged while being original.

At times being original means being different from others and that’s where the problem lies, when you are different from them and that’s life irony.

Our society is sick and am sure most of you will agree with us. They judge and look with that red eye.

Be original guys, be it at writing an essay at school or writing a book, at trying new clothes or loving the clothing style of people of the 60’s or a recipe.

Be yourself does not kill.

  • Being original shows creativity, which our society lacks.
  • Get out of your comfort zone and be yourself.
  • Don’t let the society pressurise you to being not yourself.
  • Do the things you are and feel capable of doing.
  • Doing things you love, that’ll make you grow, grow your own personality among others.
  • Always know that people will judge you no matter what and by being yourself, being original there would be even more criticism.
  • Do things that you are comfortable with.

We love writing, Amiah studied language at college and is still in that field, Saaima love reading and writing as well, which made us launch our blog and we are happy by doing so.

Just like you are afraid at trying new things, we were as well. Yet we got over it and did it.

However, do know what you are doing, make it something worthy and that will lead you to being an example to the society.

Stay humble and respectful all along your originality.


Whatever happens in life remember you are yourself and that’s the greatest strength, power of all.

Nobody can be you, so stand up and be yourself.

Reach out for yourself and be proud.


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Take care and have a great weekend ahead.




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