Perks of having siblings

Hellllo Guys, Asalamualaikum (Peace be upon you), welcome back to our blog.

It’s Amiah & Saaima again.

First of all we would like to thanks all those who have been with us throughout our first ever month of blogging. Yeah it’s already one month and we are loving the ‘world of blogging’.


Without losing time, let’s jump to today’s topic. Guess what is it for today?

Lol we guess you already know by looking at the tittle. Yes it’s about having siblings. You got siblings as well? Let us know how you feel about it. DM us on Instagram, message us on Facebook or leaves us a comment. We love hearing from you.

Let us share a fact about us to you all guys:

Drum rolls….

We are both the eldest of our family. We got both sisters and brothers. And we gotta deal with them.

Ahaan, we got the privileges of being the eldest along which comes other important aspects. For sure it’s an important role of a human which he/she got to handle with care.

Just for some fun. Do you enjoy teasing your siblings?

Continue reading to know more about our thoughts and how to cope with the idea of having siblings.

Since both of us got siblings, both brothers and sisters, we were inspired to do a ‘perks of having siblings’ for they are really gems to our life.

So this blog post is dedicated firstly to:

  1. Our Parents,
  2. Our siblings,
  3. Last but not least, all those who got siblings and doing an incredible job at handling that responsibility.

You’ll all agree with us that having siblings got lot’s of benefit.

They sweetened our world, we are not alone, they protect us, they make our world happier and healthier.

Having siblings requires a team work.


Together we strengthens our family bond.’ How to?

If you have been reading our past blog post you’ll notice that we talked about preserving relationships and worked for a better one and value them. Same here once again to succeed in preserving ‘siblings relationship’ we shall work for it. Forgive, forget and forbear. 

There are simple things that you as a human being can do to enhance your relationship with your siblings. Be it you are the oldest or youngest. It’s a team work, you got to work toward each other with the help of each other. Children are blessings from God (Allah) to a family. A strong bond within children of a family makes the family looks even more blessed.

Simple things that you do helps in enhancing relationships:

  • Pamper your siblings, show them love

Make them happy, gift them stuffs from time to time. It can be even a sweet or something even bigger. Gifts brings people closer ad create love and harmony. And guys one thing to keep in my: Don’t expect the same from them, for each people got their own personality and ways.


  • Help them

Be it homework, household chores, life decisions, for their work etc. Trust me we human needs each other to face the world. So advice each other, help and grow together. You may not be any expert or no experience at all, but a single word may help. Be a helpping hand to them.


  • Sharing of stuffs

I guess that’s the harder part for most of us. How many of us got issues about sharing your personal belongings with your siblings? To be honest, I, Saaima ain’t favour sharing of my clothes, accessories and makeup. At times am okay with it but then it get on my nerves when they literally takes almost everything.


But guys I got one clear cut example in front of me which shows that sharing of thing creates another kind of bond. Amiah shares almost everything with her siblings and Masha Allah must be said, the bonding between the siblings are just Alhamdulilah. She’s a motivation for me to share my things with my siblings in order to enhance my relationship with them.

Share your clothes, accessories, knowledge, dreams and achievements, secrets among others. Surely it’ll your kinship.

  • Talk in a friendly yet with respect manner,joke with each other

Talk, converse with each other, have regular chit-chat with them. Face to face ones. Joke with each other. Relate them things, how your day was for example. However respect each other. Establish that respect yet friendly within your relationship.


  • Protect them Especially if you got younger siblings, protect them.


Show them you care for their protection and reassure them. In some way it will reduce the risk of them trusting other people (strangers, for they don’t always wish good for you) and most importantly reduces the risk of them being frustrated and got no one to talk to.

  • Do things together/ planned things together

Last but not least, have activities together. Watch a movie, play a game, have outings, breakfast, lunch and/or dinner together. A family that dine around a table, together is a family that stays together, it creates kinship, bonding, love and harmony. Share some time together. Find time out of your heavy schedule for your family. For they will stay forever with you while everybody fades away.


Along with these tips above, there are things that need to keep away! These hurt and just damage your relationship.

  • Jealousy

Don’t be jealous of your siblings, absolutely don’t. Instead be happy for them and help them to pursue more. Each one of us got our own personality, own own traits, our own ways and manners, which makes us unique in our way. Love for your sibling what you love for yourself.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-22 at 20.54.29

  • Favouritism

Being someone who got not only one sibling but rather many, we can say that at no time shall you favour this sibling to that one. Treat and love them all equally. Surely they all share an important part of your life.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-22 at 20.54.29 (1)

  • Lying

Another important aspect to achieve a good relationship is to avoid lying. Do not lie, something happened say it frankly and openly. Don’t be afraid for one lie is accompanied by thousands lies.

To conclude let’s all agree that at time siblings can be annoying, irritating and tiresome.


However we can’t imagine our world without them. They are what makes us a family. Mother, Family and their kids, which makes us siblings.

We thank our parents for blessing us with those incredible siblings which we love, thou at times we might not really show it.


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