Our “foodish” adventure.

Hello guys, Asalamualaikum (peace be upon you),

Welcome back to our blog. We love having you back.

As the tittle says it all, we are going to share with you our latest food adventure. Can you guess where we have been the past week?

‘Drum rolls’

We have been to ‘Cafe De La Presse’ found in Port-Louis, Mauritius. We went there twice in a week.

Here’s some random pictures we managed to take, we were too busy gossiping to take some proper pics.

Here goes our story:

Wednesday at about 11.30 am, we were hungry wolves looking for foood and we wanted a nice and cosy place with good food! Since we were close by, we decided to drop there and try that new environment.

Thankfully (Alhamdulilah) we got ourselves a table and started checking out the menu! We had a hard time choosing. Almost everything was so appealing. Specially to Saaima. ‘Heavy eater she is!’

Finally we chose crispy chicken as entree.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-05 at 14.31.20

Guys I, Saaima, swear that that crispy chicken was nice and tasty and delicious and succulent and I don’t know how to describe that but it was damning tooo good, that I had same for our next visit!

One thing that I didn’t appreciate thou, was that the quantity was lesser!

But still am in love with that crispy chicken! It’s my favourite food from there.

Then we had to chose our main course. After sone heavy choosing we finally agreed on Grilled chicken Tagliatelle for Saaima and Spaghetti Pesto for Amiah. Italian choice it was!


We tasted each other’s plate for Amiah always got a problem with her chosen plate and prefers Saaima’s. However this time, Amiah was glad with her chosen menu and ate quickly. To note guys: Spaghetti Pesto is a veg menu.

We loved our food and was so full to bursting that we could not have any drink!

Thus we promised to come on Saturday since Cafe de la Presse does not normally operate on Saturday’s and that Saturday it did exceptionally.

So Saturday came and we went there as planned. We meet there itself. Speaking of which lemme narrate you a short story.

‘That morning Amiah called Saaima to remind her to be on time, for Saaima is always late. Lateness literally runs in her blood. So yeah, while talking, Amiah propose that the one who reaches last got to pay, like a treat. Upon reaching, we saw each other means we literally reached the same time, Amiah was to the right of the shop and Saaima was to the left. Means we failed both. However for once Saaima reached on time!”

There we ate a lot, did some important gossips we’ve been lacking behind and yeah Saaima’s sister and her friend joined in for lunch. It was fun.

We had soooo many photo’s taken. Let us share some with you.

Have a nice time viewing the picture. Hungry soul stay out.

Here an aftermath of our relish:

We even took some home, we really like the food.

Shall we review the place?

Food 5/5 
Price 4/5
Service 4.5/5*
Environment 5/5 **

*Being the quantity was lesser the second time

**We stayed there for almost 2 hours and it was two cozy peaceful hours.

We are already looking forward for our next date there. Surely we will be going there again to taste the other menus!

Food makes us happy and that zeal for food lead us to taste all kinds of food be it Korean, Indian, Italian or Chinese.

Do you want us to share our food fantasies with you? Let us know and surely hit us about where we can have nice food with a cosy environment.


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