Be the Mauritian that you are!

Independence day, on the 12th of March we, Mauritians celebrate National day. Indeed its a great day for us and 2018 it’s the 50th year of independence and 26th year of republic.

This 12th March 2018 we are celebrating the Golden Jubilee of our independence. Well we will skip the history about our Island’s independence, am sure Mauritians would say they know their history well for they did it elementary classes starting when the Arabs came to Mauritius. Surely its an amazing topic and I believe that we need to pass over that History to our generation and the generations to come.

Down below we would like to share some main details about Mauritius:

  1. Country in the East Africa.
  2. Island in the Indian Ocean.
  3. Consist of Mauritius itself, our Rodrigues Island and the outer Islands
  4. Our Motto: “Stella Clavisque Maris Indici” – “Star and Key of the Indian Ocean”
  5. Capital: Port-Louis
  6. Being a multi-cultural Island our languages are: Creole, bhojpuri/Hindustani, English and French among others.
  7. Currency: Mauritian Rupees (MUR)
  8. Known for its beaches, lagoons, reefs and most importantly its rich Multi-cultural society.

How do we celebrate the national day? Nice question!

The 12th of March here is a Public holiday. We commemorate the national day throughout the island, that is in all institutions, workplaces among others one week day prior the 12th by a flag raising ceremony. Also lots of gatherings are scheduled around the island.

On that day, a national show is organised at Champs De Mars whereupon there are lots of programs scheduled including the flag raising, reading of the national message and some firecrackers.

Now let us do some thinking.

According to you what independence day means? Freedom? What independence day brought to us? Being patriotic what do you think?

Is putting a Red Blue Yellow Green flag flying on our roof a sign of patriotism?

Is putting a Red Blue Yellow Green flag attached to our car a sign of patriotism?

Is having great shows to the coming of our national day a sign of patriotism?

Is attending these shows a sign of patriotism?

Promotions/sales in shops a sign of patriotism?

Well, definitely it is and we respect that aspect of people.

However showing true patriotism is when we make our Island proud. When we can say high and loud that we are Mauritians.

We personally believe that on that special day we shall improve the condition of our Island. We should come up with some decisions that would impact the quality of life, of our island, in other words some new Law & order.

Side by side with all the celebrating, we should all be inspired to work towards a better Mauritius and make that Island of ours proud. “Lame dan lame” meaning ‘hand in hand’ is our theme highlighting the fact that has guided this year’s National Day celebrations is a very telling one as it speaks of cooperation, collaboration, solidarity and togetherness.

“I am proud being a Mauritian!” is what we shall be all say.

When you go to India you can hear them, feel it in their voice about them being Indian Citizen.

Speaking of which I, Amiah, went to India, amazing experience it was Alhamdulillah however there are some facts that am sure you all will agree to.

We are advised not to drink water in India, even if you are dead thirsty.  There you have to buy your water even if you are staying in a place provided with water, even if the water is filtered.

I did not even try to boil water because personally I don’t like boiled water! What I want to tell you is that we learned from elementary school that the basic needs of life is food which includes water, shelter and clothing.

Furthermore there is also the polluted air of Delhi. Just imagine you are blowing your nose and you get black snot every time. I don’t blame them, it’s just that we are not used to this kind of atmosphere.

However to be fair, cost of local products there are lesser than in Mauritius.

Still am proud and love my little Mauritius Island.

Happenings in life made us realise what we got and make us thankful for that. From the facts mentioned above it makes us realise that we are happy and safe in our Mauritius. We can drink tap water wherever we want, yes we have the fear of water cut sometimes still we get safe drinkable water and our atmosphere is not as polluted as there. We can enjoy our sun as well as our rain!

Instilling values of patriotism in our children is very important…am not saying children become politicians…no! -Because when someone speaks of patriotism they think of politics.

Mauritians are afraid to proclaim loud and clear to whoever wants to hear that they love their country! Sometimes you can even hear their hesitation! Surely not for everyone but there’s a majority that’s hesitate to state that fact.

When youngsters are too busy complaining about everything sucking instead of loving their nation and working hard for it to succeed, things won’t go well at all.
It’s time to bring a change to that and love our Island.

We, Mauritians have so much to be proud of:

Our portable water,

Safe environment and clean breathable air,

Free schooling,

Free transport for students and old age,

Our seaside, our beautiful seas, our sand,

Our ‘Made in Moris’ products,

Our Harmony and rich Multi-cultural society.

Above are some of the things that we can be proud of, the list goes on and on.  What makes you proud of Mauritius? Do let us know down in the comments or on our Instagram page even Facebook page.

50 years back, Mauritius was not as it is today. Progress has been noted and we cannot deny that.

‘Lame dan lame nune batir nu nation Mauritian e nu ti zil Moris’ -‘Hand in hand we built our Mauritian society and our small Mauritius Island’


Let’s all gather and wish Mauritius a Happy Independence Day!

Fighting Mauritius.


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