Valuing relationships

Hello hoomans, Asalamualaikum (peace be upon you),

Welcome back guys, before starting we’d like to thank all those who hit up our previous post and if you have not then make sure to do so.

Reminding you some of the advice that were precedently in our blog for those who were not here:

Do not dispute with your friend and do not be hostile to him/her.

Respect him/her.

Do not hold him in contempt nor consider him to be lower than you. Instead guard the honor of your friends during their absence.

Do not claim precedence and supremacy over him. Instead forgive the short-comings of your friends, because everyone makes mistakes in life. Be sincere.

Do not crack indecent jokes with him.

For you to know as to why I say this, just go through our last post. Also let us know how you found our previous post and what do you want to hear from us and last but not least, don’t forget to like, subscribe and share our blog if you like it of course to stay updated.

Sooo guys enough of blabbering let’s get started with today’s post.


As you can see on the picture above, my wish is really to stay bestie with Amiah, that we’ll even become ghosties together. Take a pause and ponder about that quote. It’s really meaningful. Let us know down below what are your thoughts about it.

Well for me what it actually is that I wish and pray that we’ll make our way to heaven (Jannat) together In shaa Allah.

But how? With today fast pacing life relationships are often neglected and let’s face it guys, holding on relationships are difficult as well.

According to us what causes such difficulties is that we, human beings, hold too many expectation from a relationship and whenever those expectations are not met we simply agree upon saying ‘no this relationship ain’t worth it’ and start neglecting it till you don’t  notice that it’s over.

However wait ‘ Do we ever pause and ponder about why the expectation was not meant?’ Based on conclusions, one should not make any decision.

Think positively and intelligently why the expectation was not met. If it was promised then you should sit down with the person concerned and work it out, converse, why the latter didn’t hold onto his promise.

Conversation, talking, is an important characteristic for a successful relationship.

However if that expectation was from you, from your mind, you build that expectation and it didn’t happen as expected, you should not feel low, disappointed and other feeling as such. Instead work out your mind to not hold onto expectations and like mentioned above talk with the person concerned and voice out your opinions, your expectations.

Misunderstanding, little clashes among others are common in friendship however you should come up with a good strategy to work it out bearing in mind that you should act calmly and intelligently.

Another important point to keep in mind is keep off jealousy. That sickness is literally spreading in almost every relationship. Be it among siblings or worst parents to their son/daughter, which obviously make no difference if its found among friends.

You should work out your mind to be happy for your partner/ colleague/ friend among others. You never know what God (Allah) took from that person and in that place blessed him/her with that same thing you are jealous about.

Peeps out there, make it a must to value your relationships. Its difficult to build the base of a relationship but its damn easy for that base to shatter off.

Give time to a relationship to work out. Amiah and I didn’t turn out to be besties overnight. Instead we worked the relationship out. It was not easy and do note that our bestie-ness is not like any other “bestie relationship”. We got many constraint which you will come along in other post.

So here we are guys, above are some tips in order for your relationships to work out. Please note that the tips are things that we did for our friendship-ness to work out.

There are lots of ways and strategies for a relationship to work out. You should only focus on your type of relationship and note what’s lacking, what needs improvement, and of course what works out perfectly, stick to it so that it works out on the other aspects that are just not that ‘okay’.

Hope you’ll find this blog post helpful and strive to work out on your relationships.

Safeguard your relationships guys, they are amazing in their own ways.

Fighting till then.


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