Being yourself does not kill

'Be Original!' A two words statement Amiah and Saaima been hearing ever since they were a kid. This post shows how they well along that statement and stand out of the crowd.


Be the Mauritian that you are!

National Day of Mauritius Island. Mauritians celebrate their Island Independence. Amiah & Saaima discuss about their Island as well. Check out 'Be the Mauritian that you are!' for more.

Honoring Women’s Day correctly

International Women's day. Is women's given their honour only on that day? Amiah & Saaima tell us how shall we 'Honour women's day correctly.' Check out 'Honouring Women's Day Correctly' for more.

Valuing relationships

Throughout our life we make various types of relationships. Certain stick to us while other we lost at them. How to make our relationship worthy and sticking? Well, Amiah & Saaima take you on how they manage to stick to their friendship. Check out 'valuing Relationships' for more.

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