The start of something new!

Helloo Houmans, (Assalamualaikum)* Peace be upon you all

Let’s get started. Yes! Its WE started blogging. My best-friend and I decided to run a blog. So yeah she is Amiah and I am Saaima. And we are best-friend, my sister! Better half as well? Hmmm lemme think, yeah she is!

In this first blog of ours we will be giving you some more information about us like who are we, a lil overview about our friendship, purpose of this blog among others.

Continue reading to explore this adventure of ours and be part of the family.

As you’ve read above, I am Saaima and she is Amiah (please note that these are not our real names) and we prefer to keep our identity private for some personal reasons. We are both female human beings of age 21 years old. Wait Wait Wait, Amiah will be 21 years old this year while I already turned 21 this February itself.

“Amiah you realised that am elder to you? Which means you gotta respect me and yeah you gotta heed to me, like listen to me etc. HOHOHO and obviously since am your sister so I get all the privileges of being an elder sibling. You guys know well what am talking about. Hmmm interesting girl, so for sure I’ll start exercising my rights upon you. BE READY!”

So yes guys we are of the same age, okay lets say we took birth in the same year. Mine is in February and she is in October. We are both working ladies, different sectors tho like completely different jobs.

The most exciting part of today’s post is a little overview of our friendship.

“Amiah do you precisely remember when we became friends?”

The funniest part is that Amiah and I have been going to the same primary school and secondary school as well. Well in primary school I hardly remember us talking. We were in different classes and we just saw each other like that. Then came secondary school, well I joined in her later at form 3 level, still we were in different classes. However through one of my friends which was in her class i got to get acquainted to her. We would smile at each other, sometime talk a little and that was it. Then it happened that we shared the same hobby that is “reading of books” and that fact brought us closer.

“BOOKS AND LIBRARY” she would suggest me books to read and same would I. she would share books with me and we ended up chatting much and thus became close to each other. You would think that we became besties right away but it was just the start of it. NOT YET BESTIES.

And our friendship flowered further when she was in the same class like me in Form 4. I remember her sitting right behind me.

” why was she even in my class? or even why was I in her class? ” these were the questions that I asked myself but then i knew that fate was playing with us. Why? We were studying completely different subjects. She was studying language while I was more of a science student yet we were still in the same class. The only common subject was ‘Islamic religion and culture’ showing its definitely Allah’s work. That year we became really closed. We would take our lunch together, at times share things among us well you know ‘friendly talk and characteristics’ and our common class brought us even closer. And that was the start of a beautiful friendship which is still lasting till today and In shaa Allah (if Allah wills) will always last and we are working for it.


Fighting Amiah?

So yeah that’s how we became friends. Well, stay tuned to know more about us and the ups and downs of our friendship. Yes there has been ups and down however Alhamdulilah (by Allah’s grace) we overcame them and surely will continue as such.

How did we come up with the idea of blogging? Well well well, in today’s world we lose much time, social media for e.g. Yes i lose much time on social medias and wasted time never comes back. So i thought why not be productive and put our precious time into something constructive? and with that idea i thought of blogging. Furthermore, relationships nowadays are like walking on a thread, a single false move or miss a step your relationship is wasted. Relationships are difficult to form however it is way easier to end it! I perfectly know about that since I myself went through a situation in life where you see how difficult is it to create a relationship and how easy it is to let go of the bond. So yeah that phase of life made me realise the importance of relationships and how much effort we must put in it, specially with that fast moving life and that literally how i thought of discussing my idea with Amiah and let us both manage the work. Through this In Shaa Allah our friendship will build up even more and we won’t be able to let go of each other easily.

Frankly speaking I really value my relationship with her and I really don’t wanna lose her!

I hope that you stay with us throughout this journey as such you may get some advice of how to live well with your better half.


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